• 1986

    IBA starts as a spin-off of the Cyclotron Research Center of the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (the UCL in Belgium), which produced its first cyclotron in 1947. The objective is to exploit a unique expertise in particle accelerator technology, to meet growing needs in the felds of medicine and industry.

  • 1998

    Funds raised on the Brussels stock market, from an initial public offering, enable IBA to grow and to acquire companies offering technologies and services that reinforce or complement the core competencies of IBA.

  • 2001

    IBA becomes the majority shareholder of Eastern Isotopes, Inc., founded in 1993 in Sterling (Virginia, USA) and leader in the distribution of PET imaging agents in USA.

  • 2004

    Eastern Isotopes becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of IBA.

  • 2006

    All PET Radiopharmaceuticals & Isotopes activities of IBA and Eastern Isotopes, along with the cyclotron solutions, transition to the new IBA Molecular business unit.


    IBA creates IBA Molecular Europe by integrating its FDG operations with Schering's FDG operations in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy and becomes the largest European PET isotopes network.

  • 2007

    In order to make its technology and products available in the Asian markets, IBA Molecular sets a foot on the Indian subcontinent by establishing a PET radiopharmacy in Noida (Delhi area).

  • 2008

    IBA fully acquires the CISBIO organization, extending further the perimeter of its radiopharmaceutical activities, with a complete line of SPECT radiopharmaceuticals and 6 additional FDG production facilities in France.

  • And beyond

    IBA continues to expand its network where its technology and know-how can improve the service to Nuclear Medicine centers and ease the situation of the patients. At the same time, the maturation of its R&D pipeline allows IBA to make innovative tracers available in major medical fields, allowing the medical community to provide safer and more effective patient care.

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