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What is PETLinQ IQ?

Whether you are a marketer preparing for a call with physicians, a PET reader helping a clinician answer a difficult question, or a technologist trying to avoid artifacts as you acquire an imaging study, PETLinQ IQ™ has the resources you need. PETLinQ IQ is the most comprehensive and up-to-date educational resource for PET/CT available today.

How can PETLinQ IQ help you?

PETLinQ IQ has sections for: oncology, neurology and the technical aspects of PET/CT. Each of these sections has the following features:

PET/CT Referrer’s Guides | Concise, one-page guides, by referrer specialty, to help referrers know exactly when to order PET/CT and how to use the results.

Patient Care Pathways (flowcharts) | Organized by tumor type, these flowcharts suggest when to order PET/CT from diagnosis through surveillance, based on a review of current scientific literature and best practices.

Case Studies | Over 200, on a variety of disease types and stages, with new ones added regularly..

Database of Journal Articles related to PET/CT | This database is updated weekly. Each article is classified and scored for quality by Dr Robert Bridwell, medical advisor to IBA and acknowledged PET/CT expert. There is no faster way to find the key journal articles you are looking for.

Movies | Dr Bridwell narrating his presentations on the clinical impact of PET/CT. It is the next best thing to seeing him live.

Powerpoints | These are the same slide sets that Dr Bridwell uses for educational presentations. You can use them as a valuable source of PET/CT information.

Discussion Boards | Offering a forum for all clinical, marketing and reimbursement questions related to PET/CT. Ask our experts a question. Most replies are posted within one business day.

High Quality Printables

High quality printed materials are a cornerstone for PET/CT marketing and PETLinQ IQ™ gives you exactly what you need. Our cases, flowcharts, whitepapers and literature reviews are all downloadable as pdfs. You can print them yourself or taken them to a professional printer.

Customized Printables

If building your brand is important to you, then PETLinQ IQ with Customization is exactly what you need. Our proprietary, dynamic customization system seamlessly integrates your branding with our content to create documents that look as if your designer created each one by hand. For more information on this option, please consult with your IBA representative.

Get a Free Demo Account

PETLinQ IQ is a dynamic website designed to take advantage of all the web has to offer. To get the full IQ experience you need to experience IQ online. For a free demo account, contact your local IBA representative or click the “Request an Account” tab on

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